Today’s technology landscape is a field of security landmines. Keeping networks strong and data secure is a full-time job that your business might not have the time or resources to handle. Why not let our security experts ensure your company’s data and future are both safe?

Partnering with 415 IT Group allows us to worry about the security issues. Our staff is specially trained in the complexities of IT security and offers a wide range of services to help guard against internal and external security threats.

In Depth IT Security

We are diligent when it comes to IT security, actively maintaining your network with best practice security techniques. Our proactive approach gives us the advantage in dealing with possible threats before they can cause severe damage. We have the resources to learn about new threats and an extended expert community leveraged to keep you protected.

Antivirus Maintenance and Monitoring

New threats to IT systems are unleashed every day. Keeping your security software current is vital, but it’s only half the battle. Antivirus software needs proper installation, configuration and monitoring to work optimally and effectively in your specific environment.

IT Security Threat Assessment

Virus protection is only the beginning. Security threats can be both external and internal. Malicious software is only one way to gain access to protected information. Our team of security experts can look at every aspect of your network security, recommend areas of improvement and implement the latest security measures.

Security Audits and Vulnerability Scanning

We have the best security specialists in the area. Our staff understands compliance regulations and industry best practices. If any issues are found, we’ll work with you to find a quick resolution.

415 IT Group’s security team is well-versed in the latest threats and security best practices, so you don’t have to be. Give us a call and let us take care of your IT needs.


Take a few minutes to watch a short film that will explain how our experienced, full service team of professionals can help free you from IT hassels and worries.